Macarthur FC executive chairman Rabieh Krayem says the club is aiming to launch its W-League team by 2021 and will play out of Campbelltown Stadium.

Mr Krayem told FNR the club’s A-League, W-League and National Youth League teams  will play out of the same venue and will have their own sections in the club’s centre of excellence.

“Our W-League team we’re looking at 2021 and we’re looking for a National Youth League team next year, so that is the plan to move forward,” he said.

“Campbelltown Stadium is our home ground and that’s where everyone will be playing.

“It will be [a base], it’s important as a club there is no difference between the male, female or the academy.

“Home is Campbelltown Stadium and we have to treat everybody equally, the centre of excellence that we’re building will have special permits built for our W-League team as it will our youth team, as well as the indigenous community and of course our A-League side.”

As revealed by The Sydney Morning Herald, the club will pay just one-dollar to hire the stadium and have agreed a ten-year lease with the council.

The club will also drive the new Charles Perkins Soccer Academy, which will provide indigenous and Torres Strait Islander footballers the opportunity to pursue a career in the game.

Former Socceroos coach Frank Farina was appointed the academy’s director of football, with the board being made up of Roy Ah See, Richard McGuinness, Danielle Mate Sullivan, Bonita Mersiades and Professor Michelle Trudgett.

“The Charles Perkins Soccer Academy has been long overdue and it’s about doing something I think football has done poorly with the indigenous game and that’s uniting it together,” Mr Krayem said.

“Frank Farina’s role as director of football in the academy is to work with football clubs, associations and A-League clubs across the board to see how we can work smarter and how we can unite the game and get its fair share of corporate support and government funding, for what has been lacking in our game for the last 15-20 years.”


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