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MEDIA RELEASE (Tuesday, 27 Nov 2018).

FNR – Football Nation Radio emerge as one of the first entities to benefit from exciting new changes to equity crowdfunding rules.

Since the Corporations Amendment (crowd-sourced funding for Proprietary Companies) Act 2018 took effect on 19 October 2018, digital media company Football Nation Radio (FNR) will become one of the first to benefit from the amended capital raising rules.

Proprietary Limited companies now have the opportunity to open their doors to Mum and Dad Investors looking to purchase equity and help fund a company’s growth.

FNR will be the first online platform dedicated to Football (Soccer) to launch an equity crowdfunding offer, in a bid to raise up to $500,000.

Buoyed by strong listenership growth since its inception last October, and having reached an audience of over 1.5 million total listeners, the startup has announced plans to facilitate investment opportunities for those who share a strong passion for Football – presenting an opportunity to join the exciting Football media revolution.

FNR will offer investment portions between $50 and $10,000. Investors will have the opportunity to be part of the foundation of a digital radio revolution – creating history in building a legacy for the sport in Australia.

FNR is Australia’s first & only Football dedicated radio platform, accessible worldwide to listeners online. It provides unparalleled coverage of the world game around the clock, while encouraging discussion & debate of all major talking points in world Football.

The company was founded in April 2017 by a group comprised of passionate football people and business professionals, some of whom are shareholders of Australian A-League giants Melbourne Victory FC.

Inspired by a void in the Football media landscape particularly in Australia, FNR are looking to capitalise on the rapid growth in Football participation rates.

Nearly two million individuals are playing the sport in Australia (Gemba-2014), while more girls play Football than netball (Roy Morgan ‘Young Australian’s Survey 2015’).

FNR expect the capital raising will help it take advantage of this participation growth, while providing an audience starved of consistent and daily live Football content.

Its current strategy is to raise brand awareness and drive listener growth to its global digital platform hub, while attracting new sponsors to ensure a sustainable business model.

CEO David Bozinoski has suggested the market will need some educating on equity crowdfunding, but is confident of raising between $250,000 and $500,000. With exciting sales & marketing initiatives in place, the company is preparing to secure its long term plans.

“We are very excited for what the future holds. Our digital presence allows us to provide content like no other platform in Australia,” Bozinoski said.

FNR have attracted high-profile investors and have chosen the Birchal platform to launch its equity crowdfunding plans, in an attempt to attract passionate Football people as investors, committed to the growth of the game in Australia.

“Our intention is to offer a complete coverage of the world game, giving the sport the voice it deserves,” Bozinoski added. “We are looking to partner with individuals who share the same passion and are dedicated to that same objective”.

“With strong associations at grassroots level and expert hosts & analysts talking world Football, we have every aspect of the game covered.”

The company looks forward to Australian Football fans becoming investors in FNR and playing their part in creating history in building a legacy within the sports media landscape for the game in Australia. Potential investors can visit Birchal on and submit their Expression of Interest for investment in FNR when it opens on Tuesday 27 November 2018 at 11am.

For more information contact George Donikian (Chairman of FNR) on 0412 266 726 or Birchal CEO Alan Crabbe on 0419 437 406.