The issues at Bury have reached a sad conclusion, with the 125-year-old club expelled from the Football League.

The club were unable to find a new buyer and could not meet their Tuesday deadline.

A deal with sports consultancy company C&N Sporting Risk collapsed, which prompted the Football League to withdraw Bury from the competition.

As a result of the decision, EFL League One will now consist of 23 clubs for the remainder of the campaign, with only three of them facing relegation to EFL League Two – this was originally set at four teams.

It is a sad end for Bury, who were only promoted into EFL League One at the conclusion of last season. They have had all of their six matches postponed so far and now will have not played a competitive game this campaign.

Fans of the club are devastated and the decision will have a big impact on the town – Bury was the local team.

A similar fate could await Bolton Wanderers, who have been given 14 days to find a solution to their problems.

The Wanderers had their match against Doncaster postponed and also have suffered consecutive 5-0 defeats.

Bolton were scheduled to face Bury in a fortnight, however this match will now not take place.

Expulsion from the Football League would be horrible for Bolton and even more devastating for English football.

Hopefully, the reprieve given to Bolton will be enough for them to survive as a club.

Tim Sperliotis