Netherlands centre-back Matthijs de Ligt was asked by Cristiano Ronaldo to join him at Juventus next season following Portugal’s triumph in the UEFA Nations League final.

De Ligt has been linked with a move to Juventus over the course of last season, however it is now reported that only Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain remain in the race.

That did not stop Ronaldo though who approached de Ligt after Portugal’s 1-0 win, catching the Dutch defender by surprise.

“I didn’t understand him at first. I was a little shocked, so I laughed. But I didn’t say anything,” de Ligt said.

“So soon after the game you are not at all concerned with it. You are disappointed that you have lost and that is the only thing you are thinking about.”

De Ligt is in no hurry to announce his next move and is instead looking forward to a break after an outstanding season.

“I don’t mind that. The transfer period starts in a while, so I will first go on a nice vacation and rest. I will let it happen and then I will see.”

Damon Palmar