Tottenham Hotspur legend Ledley King reveals there were “four-to-five seasons” where he played without training.

King told FNR a recurring knee injury prevented him from training during the week – with the priority being recovering and staying fit for matches.

“It wasn’t something I had planned but my knee would swell up a lot after a training session and it’d mean I’d have to miss a few days of training,” King said.

“In the end we came up with a formula that I would play games and spend the week getting the swelling down.

“I’d be in the pool and in the gym during the week and this lasted for four-to-five seasons.

“Now that I’m away from the game – and this sounds crazy – but at the time you would do whatever to keep your career going.

“I had a manager who allowed me to do that, Harry Rednapp and I’m really grateful for that.”

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Image: The Telegraph

King made 268 appearances for Spurs which included leading the side to a League Cup trophy in 2008 against Chelsea at Wembley.

“My highlight has to be winning the trophy with the club,” he said.

“Sadly it’s the last trophy we’ve won but having the opportunity to captain the side to Wembley is the highlight for me.”

King also had 21 caps for the English National Team.

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