Fox Sports football analyst Adam Peacock has made a plea to the higher powers of Australian football to rid their “personal vendettas” and work together to improve the game in the country.

Speaking on Evenings on FNR, Peacock first spoke of his delight at the success of players such as Max Burgess who have made the leap from NPL to the A-League.

“These players that are coming through – there’s huge opportunities,” Peacock said

“This is only going to strengthen – at the end of the line – our national team, if we have a second division so hopefully everyone can put aside their self-interests.”

Amidst controversy surrounding Graham Arnold removing Australia’s young players from their clubs for the Olyroos camp earlier this month, Peacock insisted that it is a long term project.

“The same goes for releasing players to overseas tournaments with the Olyroos, its not ideal, but it actually benefits players in the long term,” Peacock said.

“And if it benefits the player, by proxy it benefits the club and by proxy after that it benefits Australian football.”

Talks of a second division are gaining traction, and Peacock feels that it is time for those in charge to work together and achieve the right outcome for nothing other than football in Australia.

“I wish – and it’s a wish and I don’t think it’s going to come true – that everyone gets on the same page and we sort it out,” Peacock said.

“Let’s have a collective thought and at the top of it all is what is best for Australian football, and what is best is an Australian team performing on a world stage, at a World Cup.

“That’s the end game; so what we do to get to there, let’s have a think about it.”

Nick Hughes