AAFC Chairman Rabieh Krayem says promotion and relegation has not been discussed in detail, with the priority being introducing a national second division by 2020/21.

Mr Krayem told FNR the priority for the AAFC and the National Second Division Working Group has been analysing how to create a viable second-tier competition which also rewards club’s with aspirations to play in the A-League.

While Mr Krayem and the AAFC agree promotion and relegation is a big part of football’s future – he believes both leagues have lots to do before this can happen.

“We haven’t sat down as a group between all parties and discussed how promotion and relegation would work and the criteria for it,” Mr Krayem said.

“I’ve had no negative feedback from any A-League clubs about it but the only question is sitting down and sorting out how this is going to happen.

“We’re working with some tight time frames but AAFC hasn’t wavered from getting a second tier – or championship as we’ve called it – running and we have to do that because without that there’s no dialogue for promotion and relegation.

“Both leagues have a lot of work to be done to create a model which sees promotion and relegation work and that hasn’t happened yet.”

Image: FTBL


The National Second Division Working Group is set to release a white paper by the end of the month which would support the New League Working Group, before launching a model in June which would allow clubs to express interest.

“There are lots of clubs who have shown interest – what we need to do is develop a model that can be sustainable to give the opportunity to those interested,” Mr Krayem said.

“We also need to develop a model for those who aspire to go to a higher level and use the second division as a platform.”


Athos Sirianos