Fox Sports commentator Simon Hill believes the FFA’s failure to evolve “sewed the seeds for revolution” and is relieved this is now over.

On Evenings on FNR, Hill stated that football should “stop and say thank you to the Lowy’s”, while also indicating change in the game and its governance was long overdue.

“We needed to change…the FFA only has itself to blame,” Hill added.

The proposed reforms submitted by the Congress Review Working Group (CRWG) were voted upon at today’s FFA EGM, with the reforms voted in favour by 8-2.

The FFA Congress will now expand from 10 members to 29, introducing stakeholders such as the PFA and laying the foundation for a Women’s Council, which in itself will have 10 votes split across the PFA, member federations, professional clubs and an independent chair.

“If you don’t listen to the people eventually they will throw you out,” Hill continued.

“There are some truths with what Steven Lowy says and its incumbent now whoever takes control run the game democratically and compromise in areas of conflict.”

The professional clubs have the most to celebrate about, being granted 28 votes in the new congress. Hill is optimistic the A-League will improve after being “caught in the middle” of this issue resulting in stagnation.

Hill believes A-League success should be a top priority, with this having a significant impact on how football is governed and perceived.

“The A-League has to be front and centre of everyone’s thinking.”

As part of the CRWG reforms agreed upon today is a pathway for an independent A-League.
This pathway will see the construction of a new working group, which will submit a proposal for how this body will look by March 2019 to be implemented for the 2019/20 season.

While today’s result have been heralded as a success, announcements regarding the A-League’s expansion, as well as the role of FFA CEO David Gallop remains unclear.

Jeremy Tay