The knockout stages of the 2018/19 Champions League are about to get underway with the Round of 16 draw taking place tonight (AEDT).

The sixteen teams left have been split into two pots: group winners and group runners up.

A team from each pot will be drawn but not without some caveats. Teams cannot play a side they faced in the group stage – this, for example, rules out any repeat Juventus vs Manchester United fixtures.

Nor can they be pitted against a team from their own association – this means no Madrid or Manchester derbies in the Round of 16.

The two legged ties will begin from the 12th of February with group runners up hosting the first leg before the group winners host the return fixture.

Pot 1 – Group winners
Barcelona (Spain, Group B)
Bayern München (Germany, Group E)
Borussia Dortmund (Germany, Group A)
Juventus (Italy, Group H)
Manchester City (England, Group F)
Paris Saint-Germain (France, Group C)
Porto (Portugal, Group D)
Real Madrid (Spain, Group G)

Pot 2 – Group runners up
Ajax (Netherlands, Group E)
Atlético Madrid (Spain, Group A)
Liverpool (England, Group C)
Lyon (France, Group F)
Manchester United (England, Group H)
Roma (Italy, Group G)
Schalke (Germany, Group D)
Tottenham Hotspur (England, Group B)

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Marissa Lordanic