Nick D’Urbano or known as the ‘arm-chair analyst’ has been at FNR since the inception and has evolved from being behind the glass to now being an integral part of the team and Editorial Assistant at the Herald Sun.

Having entered the sporting landscape from a young age, he started writing for publications such as the Daily Football Show and The Roar about the world game and now being. While also dipping his toes in Australian Football through his work for the Footy Almanac and currently being the host of ‘The Rushed Behind’ on Channel 31.

Since arriving at FNR, Nick has covered all things from the A-League to NPL to the international game and has also been the play-by-play caller for the FNR commentary team.

Nick also has a strong passion for the European footballing landscape with his passion for the Italian Serie A, the English game and international football being a major part of his wide array of footballing knowledge.

When he isn’t being overly optimistic about Wigan’s promotion push or Milan’s return to prominence, he provides a fair, balanced and ranging point of view when it comes to all footballing matters.