Lachie is a Producer/Presenter at FNR, a position he has held since October of 2018. Concurrent to this role, he divides his time between the 2nd year of a Media degree and spending a shamefully large amount of time perusing “sokkah” twitter. 

Mainly involved in the production of Evenings on FNR, Lachie assists with all things behind the scenes (5-6pm every weekday if you didn’t already know!), including the creation of social content, podcast production, video editing and managing FNR’s beloved collective of guests and talkback callers. 

Occasionally, when the dulcet tones of Nick D’Urbano or Athos Sirianos are unavailable, Lachie also features as a sideline reporter on FNR’s matchday commentaries. For his sins (and Scottish lineage), Lachie is a passionate & long suffering supporter of Edinburgh based Heart of Midlothian, Arsenal and Melbourne City. He hopes to live long enough to see his three teams become no longer the butt of the footballing community’s jokes.