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Ed Gooden is a presenter of Breakfast On FNR, where he teams up with his favourite Greek historian Athos Sirianos to bring you the latest football news, anecdotes and roguely discussed, semi-irrelevant football related stories. A recent graduate of Swinburne University of Technology’s Journalism and Media schools, Ed has a passion for filmmaking, story-telling and audio/visual documentary composition. As a Liverpool, North Melbourne and Utah Jazz supporter, he seems to be enjoying a seemingly timeless ‘premiership window’ across all codes; and with a smart and geographically accurate investment in the mighty Green & Black out West, he is sure that with good faith, a sure hand and a continuous Diamanti state of mind, his preferential fan success will continue. Outside of sport, Ed enjoys video editing, fast pressing of QWER/right clicking (IYKYK) and playing music (poorly). He relates closely to his beloved Greyhound Zara, whom he shares many traits with, more specifically a strong amount of ‘lank’ and a widely evidenced inability to stay ‘uninjured’. Be sure to follow his Instagram for a string of strangely captioned, definitely out of focus and generally confusing videos, images and GIFS, which is pronounced with a J, by the way. Shakes hand firmly