Football historians Paul Mavroudis and Ian Syson have beseeched Football Victoria to update their Docherty Cup records, and reverse the trend of the Australia’s round ball history being lost to time.

“On the 10th of August, Melbourne Knights and Hume City played the Docherty Cup Final out at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex,” begins Mavroudis, speaking on FNR’s If You Know Your History.

“In Victoria, the practice is that home clubs are meant to enter the teamsheets, score updates, and so forth into the online database.

“This is a neutral game, so one would assume Football Victoria is responsible.

“People have complained and brought this up; I was told at 11am today that it’s been done. I checked the page at 3.30pm and… nothing.”

“I’m going to compare this to State League 4: 7th tier nationally,” Mavroudis continues.

“Golden Plains vs Spring Hills, and you’ll see the difference. Scores, goal scorers, and full team lists. That record now is secure as long as that database exists.

“It’s 4 weeks on from one of Football Victoria’s showpiece events, and they haven’t done the basics – and they’ve blocked people on social media who’ve been belligerently asking them to do it.”

“If anybody’s listening from Football Victoria, can you please change the attitude – first of all the site, and in future, just get this done,” says Syson.

“This statistical information is the bread and butter for historians.”

“This is what Roy Hay complained about for years,” Mavroudis adds.

“The digital format is so prone to becoming obsolete very quickly. If and when they switch back to another results format, it’s gone. And then what?

“They don’t have the semi final either, which they’re also responsible for.

“And this is cultural problem across soccer. If you take the MyCricket website, you can trace your statistics from when you’re 10 years old.

“We can’t get a single game.”

If You Know Your History airs every Thursday from 7pm on FNR Football Nation Radio, hosted by Dr Ian Syson and Paul Mavroudis. 

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Josh Parish