The Western Suburbs of Melbourne is set for a footballing revolution after the ‘City of Melton Football Strategy’ was announced on Tuesday evening. 

Appearing on the Geelong Region Soccer Show, Councillor Steve Abboushi outlined the strategy and how consultation with clubs within the area helped shape the council’s decision making. 

“It’s not just a piece of paper, it’s going to have real life action that will be streamlined by a collaborative effort with both clubs and the council.”

The plan comes after the 2017 announcement of a $12 million master plan for McPherson Park, which included three new artificial pitches and a state of the art pavilion, both set to be completed by early 2020. 

“We’re the second fastest municipality in all of Australia and we’ve got to start thinking about how we cater for that future growth.” 

Focusing on supporting soccer specifically will be a focus for the council – something Abboushi says Melton residents have been calling for. 

“We’re hearing the community and we can’t ignore the community.”

The plan will include an investigation into current facilities, the creation of new infrastructure to support new clubs and an ongoing collaboration between the council and the footballing community.  

The plan was passed unanimously by the council and has been backed by Mayor Bob Turner. 

Councilman Steve Abboushi spoke on the Geelong Region Soccer Show – broadcast LIVE every Tuesday at 7PM on FNR Football Nation Radio.

By Ed Gooden

Rhys Hawker