Two years ago, Maurizio Sarri was waking up every morning trying to figure out how to beat Juventus.

Now, the former Napoli manager will do everything in his power to bring Juventus back to the top of European football.

In his first press conference as manager of the Old Lady, Sarri complimented the Italian champions while acknowledging the club’s obligation to win.

“Juve are the best Italian club right now and offered me a chance to return to Italy. It’s the crowning achievement of a long career,” he said.

“Winning continuously is always hard and Juventus have an obligation to always win, but with the awareness of the difficulty.”

Sarri becomes Juventus’ third coach since 2011, joining Antonio Conte and outgoing manager Massimiliano Allegri, whom he praised when speaking at Allianz Stadium.

“Allegri leaves a heavy legacy,” he said.

“Winning what he won is very difficult, he achieved extraordinary results and I would like to see in the team the same ability to get past the difficulties that he was able to help them do so.”

Juventus Sporting Director Fabio Paratici, who was also present at the conference, went on to say that Sarri was always the club’s first choice.

Rumours circled of the potential arrival of Pep Guardiola or Mauricio Pochettino, however Paratici was adamant that Sarri is the man they wanted.

“Maurizio Sarri was always the first choice,” Paratici said.

“We tried to make him understand right away that we really wanted him.

“We chose Sarri because we feel he is the best manager for Juventus right now.”

Paratici went on to confirm that the club have made an offer for midfielder Adrien Rabiot.

Rabiot’s current deal with Paris Saint-Germain ends at the end of June and is expected to sign with Sarri’s Juventus on a free.

Damon Palmar