Real Madrid Captain Sergio Ramos has requested to be transferred to a Chinese Super League (CSL) club for free, however he may not get his wish.

The 33-year old has reportedly had a falling out with club president Florentino Pérez and wants to exit the club he has spent the last 14 years at.

Pérez however will not let his captain go for free.

The stubborn president was quite clear to Ramos and his advisers following a recent meeting between the two parties.

“They mentioned that he might leave but without a transfer fee because transfer fees in China are very complicated.

“I told him that he can’t leave and that we would be speaking to the Chinese club interested in signing him.

“It’s impossible to let your captain leave for free, that would be setting a bad precedent.”

Regulations around transfer fees in the Chinese Super League are quite complicated as Pérez pointed out.

If a CSL club pays a transfer fee under €6 million, then the same amount of money must be spent on the club’s youth system. If greater than €6m, then the same amount must be paid to the state’s football development fund.

Ramos’ intentions to find a new club remain though with European clubs reportedly interested as well.

Meanwhile, Pérez is optimistic that the club will finally sign Eden Hazard, a player they have admired for some time.

“We have been trying to make Hazard a Real Madrid player for several years,” he said.

“We are working on a project to make people dream again, where we recover our hunger and ambition.

“I have a dream that Hazard will arrive this year. Let’s make a good team this year. I have a lot of interest in Hazard coming to Madrid. He’s one of the great footballers.

“Last year we wanted him, but this year he only has one year left on his contract and it is easier.”

Damon Palmar