Historian Ian Syson has found evidence of football matches being played in Macarthur before 1947, contradicting the claim made by Macarthur FC.

Mr Syson, who hosts If You Know Your History on FNR Football Nation Radio says football has been part of the region since as early as 1923.

A video produced by Macarthur FC recognises the first football match in the region as one played in 1947, the year the Southern Districts Association was formed.

“Some of the dates I found were there was a game played in 1931, 16 years before, in a public school in Picton,” Mr Syson said.

“To contradict the claim made by Macarthur FC it has to be any type of soccer, not just a seniors match.”

This match in 1931 refers to a contest in Picton, NSW between Barnardo Home Boys and Thirlmere public school.

An article was also written in the March 7 1924 edition of the St George Call about the game’s expansion and popularity within the region – in addition to information about an attempt to form an association in 1923.

“Last year we frequently read of an expansion of the code which is soccer in the country district throughout the state…from enquiries I found an attempt to form an association last season,” the article read.

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