Manchester City are facing a potential ban from the Champions League as UEFA get set to complete their investigation into the club’s alleged breach of the Financial Fair Play rules.

The club were initially accused of violating FFP in November 2018, when German newspaper Der Spiegel claimed that there were documents revealing City officials’ discussions on how to clear a £9.9 million shortfall.

The documents allegedly also showed a £59.5 million fee paid directly to City by the Abu Dhabi United Group, rather than coming from City’s sponsor, Etihad Airways.

Manchester City swiftly denied the allegations at the time, saying it was an “attempt to damage the club’s reputation”.

An announcement is expected from UEFA within the next couple of weeks as to whether City will face punishment.

If City are banned from the Champions League next season, it will result in Arsenal’s qualification instead, regardless of whether they win their Europa League final against Chelsea or not.

Damon Palmar