Ajax manager Erik ten Hag has hit back at Mauricio Pochettino for his comments about the ‘unfair’ scheduling his side are facing.

The Tottenham boss said his players are disadvantaged because an entire Eredivisie matchweek was postponed to assist Ajax in their preparation.

ten Hag was far from impressed with the Argentine’s remarks.

“Pochettino said it’s unfair we have more time to prepare for the game? I don’t know about that,” he said.

“There’s always different conditions. We receive €10 million from TV rights, while Spurs get €200 million. Now what’s unfair?

“There are always differing circumstances. Everybody has different circumstances. You just have to deal with them. That’s what we do.”

Ajax will have no better chance at getting past Tottenham, who will be without injured striker Harry Kane and in-form winger Son Heung-min, who is suspended for the first leg.

If successful, it will be Ajax’s first Champions League final since 1996 where they lost to Juventus on penalties.

Damon Palmar