Pep Guardiola has fired the first shot ahead of tomorrow’s Manchester derby, claiming Old Trafford is not as scary as it once was.

The Manchester City boss was very honest when asked about City’s recent fortunes at the Theatre of Dreams.

“It’s not scary to go there,” he said.

“Before it was maybe more difficult. But the players Manchester City have had in the last decade have made this game a little bit more equal.”

Under Guardiola, City have been near-faultless when playing at Old Trafford, winning twice and suffering one defeat.

The two victories came in the Premier League in 2016 and 2017, while the loss was in the 2016/17 EFL Cup, as United eventually went on to win the competition.

Guardiola however has his eyes more so on the bigger prize, rather than simply winning another derby.

“The only question is the Premier League, winning the title,” he said.

“In the three seasons since I’m here, we did better than them, but here it’s about winning the title, not beating United.”

Manchester City must win or else they will concede first place on the Premier League table to rivals Liverpool.

After tomorrow’s clash, City and Liverpool will each have four matches remaining, all of which they are expected to win.

It sets up one of the most exciting Premier League races we have seen.

Damon Palmar