Former Matildas head coach Tom Sermanni has had his say on Alen Stajcic’s termination as Matildas boss in January, describing Football Federation Australia’s actions as “poor.”

While Sermanni, who coached the Matildas between 2005-2012, does not believe Stajcic’s sacking will impact the team as they head into the World Cup, the 64-year-old says the FFA still have a lot to answer for.

“The things that came out and the things that were said, the narrative they brought out was extremely damaging to him and was ill founded as well,” he told FNR.

“[FFA] did so much wrong in that regard.

“The other thing with this was that there was an implication this was player driven when it wasn’t, it was driven by other interests behind the scenes which is pretty poor.

“So this had an initial impact on the players but I don’t it will have a long term impact because these players are all professionals and thorough ones too.

“When I look at some of the coaches in the US system, Stajcic looks like an alter boy compared to them.”

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The Matildas commence their FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign against Italy on June 9, with Sermanni confident the team will be able to put a tumultuous few months behind them.

“I don’t think it’s going to have an impact,” he said.

“They’ve been in environments all over the world where these things are happening so they can cope with it and get one with it, just as it would in a men’s team.

“Ante’s [Milicic] come in and he’s a good coach, they’ve brought in someone who the players really respect.

“If they hadn’t have done that then you would say there would be major problems.”

Athos Sirianos