Former Football Federation Australia board member Jack Reilly believes state federations must be scrapped to improve the game’s governance.

The 75-year-old believes state federations hold too much power and should be replaced by branch offices of the FFA all working towards the same goal.

“I am still of the view state federations have to go,” Mr Reilly told Evenings on FNR.

“They still have 58 per cent of the vote at this point in time but I don’t think it’s working, and I don’t think it ever will.

“One governing body with professional management in each state, all trying to deliver on the same agenda, would give a totally different outcome.”


The 1974 Australian World Cup goalkeeper – who served on the FFA Board between 2007 and 2013 – says the current board is facing the consequences of a poor transition after Chairman Frank Lowry stepped down.

“The new board are finding it particularly different because there was no review of Frank Lowy’s time as chairman,” Mr Reilly said.

“I put it to the board at the time there needs to be a total review of that period.

“When Stephen Lowy came in he should have then picked up from that review and put in place what he thought was best.

“The board now is still looking for some sort of indication of what’s happened in the business of football in the last few years.

“The sport of football is on the ground and its business is where the game should be.”

In conjunction with the game’s governance – the former board member believes all stakeholders need to be heard when discussing improving the game.


“What FNR has done in the last 18 months has been phenomenal,” Mr Reilly.

“People are letting you know where they want the game to go.

“We all have to be part of that discussion and it’s relatively easy to do if people get off their high horse.”

Mr Reilly made 35 appearances for the Socceroos.

Athos Sirianos