Guardian Australia journalist Jonathan Howcroft has encouraged FFA to call on the experience of Australian Netball Diamonds coach Lisa Alexander in the selection of a new Matildas manager.

“I think she would be a fantastic person to involve in that process,” he told Evenings on FNR.

“Lisa and the Diamonds have built their brand around culture for a number of years now.

“Irrespective of results, a lot of their focus is on behaviour, and attitude, and presenting themselves in a certain way, and results following as a consequence of that.”

Former head coach Alen Stajcic was dismissed last Saturday, after anonymous surveys conducted by the PFA and domestic violence watchdog Our Watch allegedly revealed a culture of fear and unacceptable levels of stress among the Matildas players and staff.

The challenge for FFA is now to pick up the pieces and address the root causes that led to the development of this “toxic” culture, and Howcroft believes Alexander’s credentials in women’s sport would make her a perfect outside consultant.

“Lisa is somebody who is used to leading teams quite a lot. She’s the kind of person who would add a lot of value to a process like that.”

Josh Parish