The search for new Cardiff City signing Emiliano Sala continues, as fears grow for the Argentine player’s safety.

The French Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that Sala was on-board a light plane that had gone missing overnight, which had difficulties taking off from the Nantes airport.

The plane lost contact over the English Channel and was travelling to Cardiff from France. Reports suggest that it was a bad night weather wise, with heavy rain in the area.

Guernsey police confirmed that debris was found floating in the water, however it cannot be guaranteed that it belonged to the missing plane. They also admitted that chances of survival were “slim.”

Sala reportedly told former teammate Nicolas Pallois that his previous flight with the aircraft was rough, while expressing concerns for his safety. A WhatsApp audio message from Sala was also released, highlighting the 28-year-old’s concern for his safety.

“I’m on the plane. It looks like it’s falling apart. If in an hour and a half you do not hear from me, I do not know if they will send someone to pick me up because they will not find me … I’m scared.”

The midweek Coupe de France match between Nantes and Entente Sannois-Saint Gratien has been postponed, while Cardiff City cancelled their training session.

Authorities will continue their search on Wednesday morning European time.

Tim Sperliotis