Wellington Phoenix forward Roy Krishna believes the “unbreakable bond” between the players is the reason behind the team’s improvement this season.

Currently sitting in sixth position, Wellington have the chance to stretch their winning streak to three games when they host the Brisbane Roar this weekend, a feat the club has rarely achieved.

The club’s pre-season camp has been likened to a boot camp but as arduous as it was Krishna says it was the catalyst towards building a strong rapport among the players which has brought a new level of intensity and resilience to the club.

“We’ve had this belief since pre-season and even though we’ve dropped some games we’ve managed to bounce back really well,” Krishna said.

“For me it was the toughest training I’ve ever done.”

“We were tested and it’s helped us to be resilient especially when we lost a few games.”

After winning their opening game of the season Wellington had to wait until Round 7 to celebrate their second win and despite a tough run of results Krishna says the belief within the squad never wavered.

“It was tough but we gained a lot of knowledge about each other and how to get up when things aren’t going our way,” Krishna said.

“It’s going to be hard for any team to break this bond and that has showed on the field.”

“We are a very united team.”

The intensity is expected to increase over the Christmas period across the board as teams will have less time between games and is often when the league table starts taking shape, a challenge Krishna believes the team is up for.

Krishna is out of contract at the end of the season but says his only concern at the moment is his football.

“Hopefully the club can renew but I’m not worried about that at the moment,” Krishna said.

“My main focus is the team and how we perform.”

Krishna has scored four goals so far this season.

Athos Sirianos